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"African Names Given to Me by Africans"


Given by the Kamba tribe in Kenya. It means "one who runs". I especially like it, as I was born without a hip socket in my left leg. A few years ago a doctor told me, "Within two months you will be in a wheelchair and you will never walk again". I thanked him for his diagnosis, but decided to go to my main doctor, the Great Physician instead. I walk, run, dance, march and travel around the world preaching the gospel. So, this is a great name for me. I accept it with gratitude.


This one comes from the Geriamas in the Coast region. The meaning is, "one who gives birth on the journey". That says that as I am running, I am giving birth to new souls into the kingdom of God. Thank you.


From the old Luganda language of the Buganda kingdom in Uganda, it simply means, "Tough". This was after the flesh eating cannibals tried to place a death curse on me out in the bush country, but were saved and delivered instead. To survive this ordeal, the Ugandans felt this title applied to me. Wow!


This is from a tribe down near the border of Tanzania and Zambia. It simply means, "lion". That is great, as I am a member of "Yesu, Simba wa kabili ya Yuda", "Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah".


The Luos from Kisumu, Kenya, gifted me with this one. The meaning, "one who is born in the evening". My interpretation is, "Before the devil could wake up, I surprised him and was born".


Coming from the Luyahs in Kakamega, Kenya, this means, "one born at the time of harvest". Great! I want to be right in the big middle of the last day harvest.


This is my given name from my parents, meaning, "famous friend". That is what I want to be, one who is famous for being a real friend.


German surname for "iron worker". In English it is a "blacksmith". This is also is appropriate and wonderul. I want to be involved in helping to mold lives for Christ Jesus, when they are in the "furnace of affliction".

Askofu Musembi-Charo-Mekete-Geramo-Odiambo-Wekesa-Marvin-Schmidt

Bishop Running with the Lions-Giving Birth on the Journey-Tough-Lion-Born in the Evening-In the Time of the Harvest-Famous Friend-Molding Lives in the Furnace of Affliction

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